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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi quick question - how do you control the images which Google shows first or as the main image when you are uploading multiple images. For instance the image in the search result:


Is it based on which pictures you put in first when updating/creating the listing e.g:


How do i get google to display the right image i want?


Another question - I remember reading a while back, that Google doesn't want brand logos as google places images. So for this example, having the BMW logo as the main image would be a no, no and it would have to be a picture of the actual dealer. Can anyone confirm if this is accurate?


Yes with the old dash the 1st image is the one that shows at top of page and in search and on maps search.

With the new dash you can simply select the one you want featured. YAY!

Google prefers photos over logos or graphic images. That isn't to say you can't use a logo however showing a logo is not really going to help conversions and is not really putting your best foot forward IMO. If you were scanning Google trying to find a dealership what type of image would make a listing stand out to you - make you want to click to explore further?
Hi can someone confirm if this is still the case? By putting the image you want featured in search, first, it is the one which is featured on Google Search results?

Via GP, our client still seems to have the old version of Google Places.

I want to get the correct featured image to display (a logo) and not the actual listing itself.

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