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Jan 18, 2013
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I know we are not supposed to use a po box address for G places or G+, but I"m wondering if it's ok to use in the other directories, such as yelp, yahoo, etc.?

We don't want to pay for a virtual office or list our home address, and I'm wondering if we can still submit to some of the other directories?
Thank you, Colan. That was a great article. So, now my question is: do you think it's better to use a PO Box address and show it, or use your home address and hide it???
do you think it's better to use a PO Box address and show it, or use your home address and hide it???

Since you mention "hide it" makes me think you are talking about the G+ L page???

On that page there is only 1 option. You CAN'T use a PO box. Used to be able to and just was against guidelines. Now you can't even enter it or it won't get approved.

And if you use home address, you MUST hide it or risk being deleted. So only option now on the G+ page is home address and hide it.

It won't hurt ranking to hide address and bottom line is that if it's for your own listing, which it sounds like it is, Google does not show web design, SEO, internet marketing KWs in the search results usually anyway.
I'm talking about the other directories as the article said many of them allow you to hide the address. So, that's why I"m wondering - is it better to use po box and show it or home address and hide it (in ones like yelp, etc.)
My bad. Didn't read the other article and didn't realize you could hide address in other directories so it sounded to me like a G+ L Q. Sorry.
no problem, Linda. I know you're a busy lady.:)

Any thoughts on this question anyone?
Good question, Laurie. Yelp and Yahoo probably wouldn't let the PO Box fly. I suggest you treat PO Boxes as though they're filled with anthrax-coated letters. Whatever it takes to use a physical address, I'd use a physical address and "hide" it to the extent you want to. Doing so won't hurt your rankings.
I personally hide my address and do just fine. I think you can be careful and upload to the directories that allow you to hide your address. In the end if you want to do really well you still need Google on your side. So, I would work on hiding the address and not going the PO Box route as Phil said....anthrax is a really bad thing!

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