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Mar 14, 2013
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Not sure if this is a glitch, or a new issue or if it has always been this way and just a coincidence that I noticed it with my problem...

My last 2 service area businesses (SAB) that I set up in Google Local (Places, My Businesss...etc) have not received a PIN # for their verification in a long time. I put in a re-send request after 3-4 weeks as it usually takes 3-5 days and still nothing after several more weeks.

So I went back in a 3rd time and when I went to re-send, I noticed the popup saying:

We will send a letter to:
Business Name
Las Vegas, NV 89119

There was NO address listed. (We hid the address on the account as required for SABs), but I never recall seeing that address field missing from the verification page.

So, on one account, I un-hid the address and then resent the verification card and it showed the full address prior to me submitting. I will re-hide the address once I put in the PIN# (if it ever shows up).

I am not sure if that address field is always hidden on that page and Google adds it back in when they physically mail the cards or if this is a new glitch. Anyone recall or noticed?

Anyways, curious to see how this plays out. Could just be a coincidence, or the latest conspiracy theory for Google vs. SABs? :cool::eek::confused:
Hi Greg,

I am also having a hard time getting a PIN to a clients SAB.

I am curious to see if you get the postcard on the account that you un-hid the address on. I may just have to do the same b/c I am seeing the same popup without an address. I didn't notice the missing address 2 weeks ago, though.:confused:

Good catch!
Greg, this is the second time I have seen this issue reported in the last two days. In the other case, they said that they contacted GMB support and they verified the listing on the spot while they had them on the phone.
Yes I think I read the same one Colan is referring to. It was posted on G+.
One of my customers had the same issue. The first postcard went awol the second finally got to him. Will check to see if he just has a good postman, or if the issue was corrected.
One update on my end.

My 1st client, where I kept the address hidden, received their PIN# yesterday (one day after requesting!). This was our 3rd attempt on this one and it is now finally verified!

I guess I can lower my panic mode a little now :D
Wait, so Greg you are saying the 3rd one arrived because it did have the mailing address?

And it got there in ONE day via USPS???
I'm having the same issue. I have a new client and am trying to set up his GMB page, and only got the by mail verification option. It says they will send it to Business Name, City, State, Zip.

Any suggestions as to how to handle this? If he already had a Google business page, I'd just tell him to contact support, but he has no listing at all.
We escalated this to Google and I believe we were told it's believed to be a display issue only.

In other words since it's a big privacy issue for SABs that don't want their address showing anywhere - the address is mistakenly also suppressed on the preview - but the address actually does get entered on the physical mailing piece that does out.
Thanks Linda. I'll click Mail me my code! Hopefully it will make it.

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