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Nov 8, 2018
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Hi there,

One of my clients has unverified GMB listings (he tried to verify them before, unsuccessfully). When I enter some locations, I get to choose between "Verify Now" and Reconfirm Location". I know what Verify Now means, but what it Reconfirm Location?

I've never come across this before, actually. I'm interested in hearing more about it... it sounds like Google is second guessing the addresses.

When you say the verifications failed, can you provide some more details on that? Was a post card sent, and then not received? Did the call not come through? Were the pin codes rejected, etc

I have no idea what happened with the verifications before. We took over the work of another SEO agency, and we're trying to sort up the mess they made.
I'd be curious to know what happens when you click it too.

Have you tried?
Actually, I was hoping you guys could tell me what this means before I press it, in case it's an unreversible thing (slight chances, I know, but it's still a new customer and I don't want to take any chances).
I can't find anything in the help center. I've asked Google if they can confirm.

Hey Lior, sounds like it could be related to some edits that may have triggered some spam signals with Google.

Can you click it and see if it go's through?

If not, please provide the steps you took so I can try to recreate it with Google (e.g. was this a bulk upload, one off change, in the app, desktop, etc.) as well as the listing.

Feel free to DM me if you prefer.

Any updates on what this is about yet? My guess is it's effectively a "save" button for folks who made edits to an unverified listing that is awaiting a full verification (e.g. "reconfirm this is the intention for your location even though nothing will publish until you verify").
I've had this happen to me before and is currently happening on one of my client's listings. Unfortunately the one it's happening now on only brings up this error message:


However, if I remember correctly, the other time it happened it was a listing that ended up being a duplicate. I went to add the listing per the client's request and found out a former employee had created a listing before. Not 100% on that though, but might be a good avenue to check on.

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