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Jul 7, 2017
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Hi everyone

Previously when you would request access to a managed listing, Google would provide a partial view of the email address of who owns it and send them a notification that you are requesting ownership of the listing. They would have 7 days then you might be able to get access.

Now when you go in, it no longer does that. Its trying to trigger a call or text to the phone number of the location. If you dont want that to happen, you have to fill a form out and it says they mist give you "site manager" access. Site Manager access doesnt basically nothing for us. In our case, we have a verified duplicate page of our managed page we need to have merged.

What happened to the previous process of requesting a listing? Is Google no longer reaching out to the owner of the listing? below are screen shot of what I am seeing


I noticed this recently with a new client as well.

Might be they are giving you limited access to the account at first, perhaps automatically, which allows G employees to do other things? Site Manager access is basically nothing. You can't do much if anything with it.

Once the real GMB owner provides access, thats when it all starts. Might be something to lighten their load and let the GMB site owner know who really is trying to gain access to the listing....?

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