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Aug 27, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has a workaround for Google Business Profiles that require a video recording to get verified? We are an agency and manage many different client locations, however a few of them require this to be verified (see screenshot below). Is there an easier way to do this? Any suggestions / assistance would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

Are these service area businesses, and is postcard not an option?

The best way to try for a different verification method is to contact GBP support and request a manual review or see if they can offer any other options. In step 1 Mention the issue as "verification" > bypass the Resources section > then select Email (or another method if available) and then fill in your info with details.
I am facing the same issue with the Google business team. It's been a month but our client didn't receive a postcard and when I contact support they asked us to get on video verification.

Unfortunately, our client is not at the physical location and won't be able to verify until he reached the location and get on a video call.

We can see only postcard verification, no phone verification, no easy verification method.
Hi @JoyHawkins @Colan Nielsen @Phil Rozek

Can you please help with this video verification?

Our client location is completely in another state! To reach that location is 20 hours by car so it’s not realistic. This is a virtual location so we cannot do a video verification.

Does virtual location violate GBP Terms of Service? The permanent business signage outside and inside the office building but GBP only offers video verification.
Yep, video verification on google sucks. it is hard to get quickly verified through it, and sometimes conditions don't; let people stay at one physical place

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