Jun 28, 2012
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A smart move by David?s Bridal helps customers of their major competitor and David?s Bridal at the same time...

David?s Bridal?s SEO Person Deserves a Raise
July 14, 2017

Longtime competitor Alfred Angelo goes belly-up without warning, so what does David?s Bridal do? Make an irresistible offer on an expertly-optimized page that a panicked bride will click on if she sees it in the search results.


...quick thinking on the part of their SEO guy or gal.

Just look at that description tag (above). The ?wedding of their dreams? is no mistake; that?s what Alfred Angelo promised, and what now only another, solvent company can deliver on. The click-through rate on that page must be insane.

The URL is named relevantly:

The content of the page is clear and on-topic ? no gimmicks.


The remainder of the article is a summary of lessons to be learned for any large or small business.





Jul 22, 2012
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Well done! I love seeing outside of the box things like this! Keeps the mind open to less-traditional options for getting results.
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