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Nov 18, 2020
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Greetings! Looking for tips & best practices for a video verification.

A little background - my client is a group of sober-living houses. To protect the confidentiality of their residents, and the fact that it's actually several houses (all serving one geography) no address will be published.

As most of you know, the verification process for a Service Area Business is by video. I will have to have the House Manager do it, as they're in a different state than I am.

So, other than the things that Google asks for (street sign, "staff only" area and "tools of the trade") what would you suggest I tell them to be sure to incorporate in to this video?

Thanks for your input!
Licenses (personal, that location, or company-wide)
Update on this process for anyone interested.... it took my client a few days to be ready to do the video verification, and so today, I was all ready to coach them through it on the phone and we logged into GMB and lo and behold, the verification was now switched to postcard.

So..... I don't know if you just WAIT a few days and Google thinks you don't have the resources for video verification and switches you to postcard verification or what, but it sure made our lives easier!

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