Jo Shaer

Jul 27, 2012
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Wanted to report that I had a major success verifying through the Webmaster Tools/Google My Business method. I have a new client who had an unclaimed map listing and also a Google+ Local Business page which no one knew who had created it. They had completely different URL/CIDs.

I was expecting problems.

Client had a domain based email on Google apps. I got the app manager to enable Google+ for the emails.

I created a Google+ profile for one of the emails.

I created an account with Webmaster Tools using that email and claimed the website.

Whilst logged in to Webmaster Tools, I opened a new tab and went into Google My Business. It immediately brought up the Google+ Local Business page which no one had previously had the login to and gave us Admin access in Google+.

I then opened a new tab and found the map listing - it had a completely different URL/CID number from the page I had just been shown in Google+. Using Classic Maps, I clicked on More Info and then Manage Page. It took me straight back to the Google+ Local Business page.

Google seems to have merged those two pages together just like that into the client's Google+ account. No postcard or PIN verification required.

You could have knocked me down with a feather!
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