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Apr 25, 2013
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Hi all,

Got a quick question.

Here's the scenario (i've changed the name slightly in the example below)

I have a client whose official name is Studio 60 Hair and Beauty Salon but they use
the name Studio 60 Delray (Delray is part of the city name they are in).

I'm cleaning up their citations but I'm not sure what name I should use.

Their current citations (they don't have a lot) are a mish mash of the names above.

i.e. Studio 60 hair salon, studio 60 hair and beauty, studio 60 delray (GMB page) and others.

There is another studio 60 hair salon which is a completely different name but it's so similiar it may cause problems?

My gut feeling is to go with studio 60 delray but I would value your feedback :)

What do you guys think I should do?

Thanks for any advice

I would say you should go with the official name. If that's the official name registered on the business license and other official paperwork, then, that's the name. I wouldn't add a modifier like Delray, it's against G guidelines.

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