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Oct 21, 2013
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Hi Everyone,

I have an AC Repair client who has 2 Google Business Accounts for old addresses where they are no longer located. I am working on updating their Google Business Account to the new correct address.

A few questions:

1) What happens with their reviews on the old accounts?
2) Can I merge 2 old addresses into 1 new account?
3) Anything else I should be worried about?
Hey @Benjamin Beck Do they already have a listing for the new address? Or is there currently just the two old addresses?

Are the listings currently verified?
HI Colan,

Currently, the 2 Google Business accounts are for old addresses. I need to update them to the new address.

As a total local noob, what is the best way to find & see if different Google Business Accounts are verified?

The person has worked with several companies and probably does not have logins for some of them.
Pull up the listing's knowledge panel and if it is not verified there will be a "Own This Business?" label. If that label is not present than the listing is claimed/verified.

If you can provide the business details that would be awesome, but based on what we have here this is what I would recommend:
1. Update the stronger of the two old listings to the new address
2. Contact GMB support and ask them if they can move the reviews from the other old listing over to the one that you update to the new address
3. Ask GMB support if they can "move" the other old listing into the one that you just updated

Having ownership of the listings makes this process a whole lot smoother.

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