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Jun 6, 2018
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Hello, I keep getting different answers for this. Some are saying when you upload a video you put a link under the video linking back to your website but I am seeing that Youtube/Google can ban your YouTube account for doing this so what is the actual rule please?
Unless you are linking to a page/website that has content that goes against their policies, I have never heard of any issue. I always put a link in the description and see links there all the time.

Thanks. I wonder why then few years ago Video Marketers had to place links inside of the video itself, maybe Youtube has now changed their rules for this?
Maybe this section from the link I posted:
Note: Affiliate content doesn't violate YouTube’s Terms of Use. However, massively posting affiliate content in dedicated accounts may violate our policies around spam. You can learn more about what's allowed in our Spam, deceptive practices & scams policies.

Some "Marketers" are more like "Spammers", so that could cross a line for some.
Hello! I've posted numerous videos with links to my website on YouTube and it had never seemed to be a problem.

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