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Dec 12, 2013
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I'm curious what the group thinks - I wish I could post this as an anonymous poll.

But: assuming the client does do things to screw it up, what is your typical success rate with a client. Define success how you want, but, I judge my own as "Clear win" (traffic clearly higher), "win" "unclear" or "fail".

With all that goes on in local, and with seasonality, and so many clients that don't have year over year history it gets hard for me to put as many as I would like in the "clear win" category.
That's a great Q HoosierBuff!

Seems like the more things change, the more diverse local search gets, the more hazy it becomes to see clear wins!

Let me share and try to get some pros to weigh in. It's a great topic and I'm anxious to see the answers!
I've only had 1 clear fail in my time. Bad market + bad industry. They didn't sign back and I encouraged them not to as it wasn't working for them.

Had 2 not sign back for different reasons. One had his brother-in-law become the CFO of another SEO agency and they said they would do it for free for 6 months (can't beat that out) and the other backed out at renewal after asking me to send the new contract over. I called and called but could never get to the bottom of it. Still haven't heard back from them to this day.

The cool thing about SEO is that if you do your job well, you can always sleep easy at night. For instance, for both of those clients that stopped SEO for their own reasons, I still watch leads roll in weekly. They're still making money on something they're no longer paying me for. I don't know any other type of marketing that does that. That's why I feel so blessed to be in this industry. You just can't lose.

Besides the 1 clear fail, the rest I would label as "clear wins".

Overall, I've lost 3 clients in 4 years. I've phased many out with my pricing but that's to be expected.

Retention rate at about 95%.

You can do the same :) Good luck!
I love this question. I'm not sure how to answer without thinking a little more about it. Hell, I'm not even sure I know what a clear win is somedays. Excited to hear others definitions.

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