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May 14, 2019
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I'm wondering what makes Google highlight a review on some listings and not others. Is there a way to control this?

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 3.49.36 PM.jpg

Both of these locations have a similar amount of reviews and the same star rating.

Thank you,

Thanks for the additional info! So, if you do your search again, you'll notice besides "Hearing & Low Vision Solutions" that "Costco hearing aid store" also shows "in-store shopping" instead of a review snippet. You may already know, but this is referred to as a "justification". If you aren't familiar with the term justification, here is a really good article that was just recently updated by Brightlocal: Stand Out on Google With Local Justifications - BrightLocal

In your case, "in-store shopping" comes from that attribute being set in the GBP and results in a justification that essentially trumps everything else. In short, you aren't allowed to double-dip and have your justification and a review snippet showing; it is one or the other.

If that is your client, and you'd prefer the review snippet showing, you'll have to uncheck the "in-store shopping" attribute and it may take 48 hours or longer for Google to recognize the change.

It took me awhile to find it, but I recall @JoyHawkins had covered this in another thread: "Onsite Services" or "Online Appointments"
However, when I clicked the switch it switched it to No In-store shopping instead. There doesn't appear to be a way to put this in a neutral position. Do you know how I can remove this?
It has been awhile since I personally encountered this, but I do remember the same thing happening. I think part of the reason for the clunky interface (i.e. yes/no) is because Google rolled out these Service Options during covid and it was done half-baked. My recollection is that if you have it set to "Yes" then switch it to "No" it will show up for a brief time, up to 48 hours as "No Xyz" then Google will just remove it entirely.

I just did a quick test on one of the GBPs we manage. The Service Options vary depending on your industry, but for this particular GBP it had the option for setting Yes/No for "Online Appointments". It was set for neither, but as soon as I set it to Yes, I was forced like you to pick one or the other. So I sent it to Yes, then it showed up on the Profile. I just now set it to "No" and it currently shows "No Online Appointments". I'll keep an eye on it and let you know what happens for me. Not sure if you can also keep yours set to "No In-store shopping" for a couple days and see if it is removed eventually.
Thanks Joy for the
Currently there is no way to clear it, you have to select yes or no.

Thanks Joy for clarifying this. That interface is so clunky and awkward! Basically once you commit to showing an "optional" service as either Yes/No, then you are stuck in having that show as a justification :rolleyes:.
Hi @JeffClevelandTN @JoyHawkins

Just wanted to follow up here in case anyone else experiences this.
I opened a support ticket with Google asking them to completely remove the justification last week after Joy's reply. I went back and forth a few times with them and just received confirmation that it has been removed.
Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 1.17.49 PM.jpg

I'm going to keep tabs on it over the next week or so to see if a review populates there. Here's hoping 🤞

Thank you!


Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 1.17.49 PM.jpg
Thanks for that feedback, I'm sure it will prove helpful to others too!

Hopefully your client will have review justifications showing up soon.
@KimW I decided to try this and support is telling me they can't remove it. Do you mind sharing your case ID with me to give to them to reference?
@JoyHawkins Sure!

Business Profile support inquiry [3-9824000034009]

Hi Kim,
Greetings for the day. I hope you are doing well!
I am Nirbhika from the Google Business Profile Support team. Thank you for contacting us about your business profile "Hearing & Low Vision Solutions, 5138 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, California 94118, United States", wherein you requested the removal of the "Service options: No in-store shopping" option.
I have good news! We worked upon your concern and removed the "Service options: No in-store shopping" option from your business profile on Google. You can refer to the Maps link mentioned above in this email to check the same. Moreover, in this article there are a few tips that I think can help you optimize your profile.
I wish you the best in your business, have a beautiful day!
If you'd like more help on this issue, reply to this email. We'll be happy to help! For help with other issues, you can always reach us via our Help Center.
Within 48 hours of our last interaction, you'll receive a short survey via email. We'd love to hear your feedback about our interaction today and your overall experience with Google Support.

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