Mar 27, 2019
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I have a spreadsheet for the competitor research if you are interested feel free to shoot me a direct message!

Thanks so much! I'll send a DM. Appreciate your reply, as well. When I came across your post here, I had a client in a similar but not quite the same situation and it has been a bit of a puzzle, although I suspect a few things were going on.

While his GMB ranked for keywords related to his business, a search on his business name would always come up empty both on maps and on top of the organic listings.

To make a long story short (if I can, ha), he purchased a business back in November, moved to a new address, but kept the same phone number and website.

He did not tell me this at first, but he convinced Google to "close" the existing GMB as he did not like it there were several poor reviews, and then created a new GMB.

AT first, his business name ranked, then disappeared around April. That's when he hired me - and some small SEO tweaks to his website, some citation clean up, along with new citations and adding regular posts to the GMB had his business name ranking again.

But then, it just as suddenly disappeared in June. But, again, keyword searches, he ranked great. Just not on his business name.

It was hard to explain why that would occur, but that is when I learned about the previous GMB listing being deleted - and took the attitude that continued citation building (there were not many to begin with, and what did exist needed cleaned up), that eventually Google would get this figured out.

It was still curious though, how his GMB ranked for other local search queries (#1 in most cases), but just not the business name.

In the past week, it seems (we hope this time more permanently), his GMB is now appearing again for his business name search.
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