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Aug 23, 2014
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I have a good puzzle for people that like to solve them. Where is Google sourcing this Knowledge Panel from?


Places we've already checked (that aren't it):

  1. Wikipedia
  2. D&B
  3. Wikidata
  4. Colorado Secretary of State database
That 2012 year is a mystery. Most sites show 2013 as the founding date.
This is a tough one. I'm not seeing anything that matches this. Searching that exact name seems to bring up a bunch of clipart sites... weird.
The year is 2012, the result very much reminds me of one from the well-known old Freebase... and it's from there - the KG ID is /m/0121nj2m. -> identifier for Google Knowledge Graph API (starting with "/g/") IDs starting with "/m/" are Freebase IDs
Sources: Google Knowledge Graph ID and Freebase ID
You can double check for the business ID here. @JoyHawkins
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That's cool - I didn't know that.
Haha I should make badges for that!
I guess I'll go change it since there's no source that I can change. So weird.

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