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Jun 6, 2018
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Godaddy has gotten way too expensive now at over $200 per year for just one service website. I am seeking other option which provides stability, security [hacking and virus scanning and prevention], daily backups and SSL and top notch customer service. Any recommendations please?
Thanks Colan but I am not sure why you referred me to that site? Seems to be they provide SEO services as I do and all I am seeking is a good Hosting company other than godaddy which meets the requirements mentioned in my OP.
Thanks. They are even much more expensive than GD but offers some good services. I will discuss with the client if they can pay that much.
Depends on what type of hosting you want (shared, VPS, dedicated) and whether the location of the servers is important for you. I have clients on Hostgator and Siteground shared plans and they seem to be stable with decent support. The features you list should be offered by any reputable host but sadly often aren't.
If you are looking for a great wp managed platform - we love - they are awesome and have amazing support. They have a deal now for $3.95 per month - if you lock in for a year or more. Good luck!
I had issues with Namecheap, site ground and Hostwinds with my own sites last year with hacking and virus issues so I will not use them for any client. Hostgator does offer any security features.

Maybe I can try this one which offers malware protection at least?

Not seeing backups being offered though
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Which is the best hosting vendor?

Boy, that's a topic that often leads to heated arguments, with nearly-religious fervor on all sides.
Yes very expensive for a startup business

"Expensive" is a reference to cost.

There are several kinds of cost:
  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Effort
  4. Opportunity
  5. and probably others too...
When you're a startup, you may have more time available than money. But maybe not.

It depends. Like so many things in life.
I did LOT of research for webhosting a few years back and decided on

I'm going to recommend them because they have fast servers, free SSL, free CDN, free site migration, DDOS protection, and more.

I have never had a single problem with six different sites in the last four years and they have superb customer service.
I was (still am?) a HUGE fan of SiteGround. I moved all of my clients' sites to SiteGround earlier this year and moved all my personal sites to them as well. The reason why I say "still am?" parenthetically is because they just launched their own platform to replace cPanel. I'm currently assessing the change to see if the new platform is going to be workable. I'm old-school so I've always demanded that the hosting company I work with use cPanel so this change has me reeling a bit. In my opinion it's a shame they ditched cPanel but we'll see how it goes. Assuming it's workable, I would recommend them. Their platform is optimized for WordPress, they provide daily backups, and have their own cache plugin that rivals WP Rocket. Every site I moved to SiteGround saw their website speeds double - typically going from 4 seconds for a page to render to under 2 seconds. Their support is phenomenal as well. As much as I love cPanel I might just swallow hard and learn to like their system regardless because of everything else they provide.
I'm just activating the demo on Siteground now. All my accounts are still using cpanel at this point, but the new layout seems interesting. I'm using basic things in Cpanel (file manager, MySQL database, FTP, staging area, etc), so as long as all of that is still easily accessible i'm not too worried.

Seems like they've just changed the UI and nothing is out of place, so that's good?

WPengine is my next go-to.
Another option to consider is Kinsta. I've heard very good things about them (they provide managed WordPress hosting).

Yeah as a company RedShift (the agency i'm at) uses WPengine almost exclusively for WordPress sites. I use Siteground personally, because I handle site builds and maintenance for some family businesses.

I also have a few test sites I build up and burn to the ground every year or so on Siteground servers lol. It's easier to build up and maintain 5+ sites under the same hosting account if I know they won't live on for much longer. The pricing for add-on domains is much more favorable for me to use Siteground.

Client sites we work with are usually on WPengine though.

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