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Mar 15, 2016
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Gradeus Product Update: New Plans, New Features, New Prices


There?s so much to report from HQ, I?ll get right to it. Here?s what we?ve been working on:

  • New Plans Now Available: Professional, Agency and Partner
  • New Texting Features (New Plans Only): Drip Campaigns and MMS
  • Text Message Click-tracking (All Plans)
  • Email Campaign Enhancements (All Plans)
  • New Agency Marketing Materials (Agency+ Plans)
  • Beta Testers Wanted For: API v2, Zapier app, new white-label dashboard features
  • Universal HTTPS Coming (All Plans)
  • Other Improvements (All Plans): Prevent empty reviews from auto-sharing, streamlined forms and more!

New Plans, New Features, New Prices

If you?ve been to our homepage recently, you?ve probably noticed that we?ve overhauled our plans and pricing.

The first thing to know: you are under no obligation to switch over to our new plans. We intend to honor our legacy plans and pricing forever.

However, some new features will be made available only on the new plans. This is the first time we?ve updated our plans/pricing in over 4 years, and it reflects all of the ongoing development work we?ve done to add value to our offering. The new pricing will allow us to continue to invest!

The Professional Plan


Best for: Marketer users with <10 profiles

New Price: $90/mo for 3 profiles and $30/mo per additional profile

New Features:

The Professional plan includes everything on the original Marketer plan, plus:

The (new) Agency Plan


Best for: Marketer and Agency users with <100 profiles

New Price: $200/mo for 10 profiles and new tiered pricing for additional profiles

New Features:

The new Agency plan includes everything on the original Agency plan, plus:

The Partner/Enterprise Plan


Best for: Large and/or sophisticated operations with advanced needs

New Price: $1500/mo for 100 profiles and new tiered pricing for additional profiles

New Features:

The Partner/Enterprise plan includes everything on the new Agency plan, plus:

  • White-labeled dashboard included in base cost
  • Access to a white-labeled API
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
  • Access to the Independent user tier, allowing you to resell to resellers
  • Access to future features and product updates

Some advantages of the new plans?

All three of our new plans have an annual option that gives you a significant discount in exchange for a 12-month commitment.

Annual prices by plan:

  • Professional: starts at 3 seats for $900/yr ($75/mo paid annually)
  • Agency: starts at 10 seats for $2,000/yr ($167/mo paid annually)
  • Partner/Enterprise: starts at 100 seats for $15,000/yr ($1250/mo paid annually)

The discounted annual option can potentially reduce your total spend if you currently have a legacy plan. If you?d like a pricing comparison, get in touch with us at and we?ll be happy to help.

PLUS: Add your own seats, one at a time. With all three of our new plans, you no longer need to call or email the support team to get more profiles added to your account ? simply go to the My Account area of your dashboard. Additionally, new plans no longer require you to purchase seats in blocks, so you never pay for more seats than you need.

Click here to learn how to add your own seats on our new plans.

New Texting Features (New Plans Only)

New texting features are out of beta and now available across all of our new plans, featuring:

Text Message Drip Campaigns

The new plans let you create multi-text message campaign sequences that can include as many messages as you want, sent out on a timetable of your choosing. They?re just like email campaigns, but with timing and content options better suited to the text message format.



You can now include an image with your text messages. Use this flexible feature to add a logo, coupon, flyer, or anything else you can think of.


Click here to learn more about MMS and SMS campaigns

Text Message Click-tracking (All Plans)

All users will start seeing text message recipients being tracked so you can zero in on who?s engaging and how with your review campaigns?and who isn?t.

This functionality is brand new and data has just started collection, but expect to see more goings-on here in the coming weeks. And by all means, let us know what you?d like to see!

Email Campaign Enhancements (All Plans)

We?ve released a few enhancements to our email drip campaigns, made possible by the new analytics infrastructure our developers have built from scratch.



We?ve introduced a new auto-deactivate option that requires recipients to click an outbound review site link from your landing page before they?ll be moved to the Inactive recipients list.

Click here to learn more about deactivating recipients on clickthrough



By popular demand, we?ve introduced some recipient-specific click analytics. You can see the actions each recipient has taken on your landing page by going to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > Funnel Activity (beta). This is just a first step in surfacing data that may be useful in maximizing outcomes from your campaigns. It?ll be evolving. Input welcome!


We?ve added some more customization firepower to our email drip campaigns with a new placeholder.

The [recipient_custom_field_1] placeholder allows you to set a custom field ? unique to individual recipients ? that can be used for a variety of purposes ? for example:

  • Identifying staff who served the recipient
  • Identifying the date of the customer?s transaction
  • Adding a salutation like Mr. or Mrs.

Click here to learn more about the [recipient_custom_field_1] placeholder

New Agency Marketing Materials (Agency+ Plans)


Our Marketing and Content team has created an Agency Resource Kit with a collection of 19 popular articles from the blog that have been modified for adaptation and reuse however you see fit. Each article is provided in both .DOCX and .PDF format.

Links to these downloadable resources are now available to Agency+ users under ?Resources? when you login. Let us know if these are useful!

Wanted: Beta Testers


We?re recruiting beta testers (among our customers) for two features currently under development:

Universal SSL (All Plans)

We?re making infrastructure changes to ensure that all landing pages hosted on our platform can be served under HTTPS protocol, an increasingly important security and SEO consideration.

Customers who are using our nameservers or who have setup a white-label dashboard need not make any changes. Customers who have setup custom subdomains will want to make sure your CNAMEs are pointing to ? (not ? or ? which were older published targets).

Other Improvements (All Plans)

Our developers are always working under the hood to improve platform performance, but we?ve pushed a number of smaller updates that may pique your interest:

Whew again! That?s all for now. As usual, direct your rants, raves and requests back to and we?ll do what we can!

Whoa Garrett! That's a lot of updates. Looks even more robust now than it did before and that's saying a lot! Thanks for letting our members know!

What do you guys think? Sounds good, right?
Thank you Linda! Our dev team put in a lot of work to roll out these features. Really happy with their work.

If anyone has a question about any of the features, please let us know!

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