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Jun 28, 2012
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StreetFight has had some really good coverage of the Local Data Summit that happened this week.
Here is a post featuring David Mihm's Presentation.

<a href="">#LDS15 Why Google Will Dominate Local Search For A Decade</a>

Over the past few years, some watchers of the technology industry have suggested that Google was at risk of losing its hold on the search market. The shift to mobile, they argued, would chip away at the companies reach across the web. But in local, its competitors — Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook — have yet to make a dent.

During a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Tuesday, David Mihm, director of local search strategy at Moz, argued that a few key innovations will keep the search giant on top. The company’s massive local data set, said Mihm, offers a distinct advantage that will allow the firm to leave competitors further and further behind. Here’s what Google has that the others don’t.

What do you think???
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I think it's true that Google's dominance will remain for the foreseeable future. The rub is the "foreseeable future."

I think 10 years is outside of the foreseeable future. In 10 years time there's likely to be a sea change. The concept of "local search" might not even be relevant.

In the near term, seems to me the whole mobile app thing will have the biggest impact, though more on some industries than others (e.g. home services).

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