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Jul 19, 2012
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I have a client who changed their name slightly without me knowing it. Read: impending citation nightmare. :eek:

I'm just wondering what you would do. The name was changed from
Whispering Hills Eco-Estates to Whispering Hills Eco-Luxury Estates. See what I did there? I added Luxury.

There are over 10 pages of citations, not all NAP. Some are blog mentions and media mentions that we will not be able to change. i have a guy that is good with an extremely reasonable price. I can set him on the project, but it will take him a long time as you could image.

Question: Would you make the change where you could, knowing that you will not be able to change them all? Or, would you just leave it alone?
Hi Dino, moved from Local SEO to the Citations forum because Darren from Whitespark and other citation pros subscribe to the citations forum - so you'll have a better chance to get some good feedback.
Hi Dino,

I'll throw in my two cents while we wait for Darren.

From a Local SEO perspective I would update everything that you can. It's not always possible to update 100% of the citations, so just give it your best.

From a branding perspective, I perceive "eco-estates" and "eco-luxury estates" to be quite different. So I would want to update as many as I can more for branding than anything else.

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