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Jan 24, 2013
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I came across this weird issue.

When my location is set to another city, e.g. Milwaukee or New York, and I perform a search for san francisco personal injury lawyer the local results are for the "location" and not for the geo referenced in the search query. However the organic results are for San Francisco.

I should mention, I am only seeing this for San Francisco searches (I haven't tried many geos though so it may affect others as well). Chicago, New York, Miami did not return bad results.

I thought this was weird and I wanted to share.

1-21-2015 9-42-08 AM.png


1-21-2015 9-52-40 AM.png

1-21-2015 9-42-08 AM.png

1-21-2015 9-52-40 AM.png
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That is odd Alex. Thanks for sharing!

Bet that Wisconsin atty is thrilled he scored a one-box in SF! Not! :rolleyes:
Were you logged in or were you in an incognito window when you tried this search? Did you get the same results from a proxy IP?
Seeing this too, not logged in and incognito.

Also note the the 7-pack is very top of page, not 3 PPC ads.

BUT when I search for san francisco dui lawyer, I get 2 organics at the top, then 7 pack, and more organics...all SF businesses.

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