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Aug 2, 2021
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When searching for a Google My Business listing, Crosslife Christian Academy, another listing shows up. Here is a screenshot showing what I mean. 2022-02-16_13-54-28

Both listings, Crosslife Church and Crosslife Christian Academy are two completely different businesses but use the same address. They are owned by the same individual, Crosslife Church supports the school which is on the same property.

Any ideas as to how to help Crosslife Christians Academy's Google My Business listing 2022-02-16_15-03-20 show up when it is searched?
Is the academy located inside the church? If so, I'd suggest adding the located in feature to that listing so it helps clarify how the 2 listings are related.
It's not as bad it seems as Google is using the autocomplete suggestion for your business profile. I would recommend that you look into getting some citations built out as Google didn't display any results for your phone number. It could be as simple as needing some citations.

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