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Sep 21, 2017
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My entry (Haslam IT) on Yahoo Local Listings is showing with the wrong address.

I believe this was originally taken from a Yelp listing which had a typo in the post code.

The Yelp entry was corrected several months ago and since then I have been trying to get the Yahoo local listing corrected but to no avail.

I have tried contacting both Yahoo and Yelp but am still strugling to get this error corrected.

Can anyone offer any help or a definative way to correct erros in Yahoo local listings without using paid services?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for the reply.

However, many of these links are biased towards the USA and many will only accept addresses in the USA, but I am based in the UK.

I am sure this would be a really useful cheat sheet for any American visitors.
Hi Linda, thanks! :) I created it in 2017 with help from Phil Rozek, Nyagoslav Zhekov, Darren Shaw and Joy Hawkins. Yes, it's up to date. If you ever notice anything old, let me know. I try to keep on top of it.
Hi there!

As far as I know, Yahoo pulls some data from Yelp, but not the other way around.

It's been a while since I've attempted to update UK directories, but here's the link I used to use to update Yahoo Local listings for UK clients: Update your details on Yahoo!Local UK

Things have changed so much since I've started using Moz for this kind of stuff, but that form might still work. It's worth a try :)

If the form doesn't work for you, I'd say to try contacting Infoserve directly: Contact Infoserve Leeds, Darlington, UK

They should at least be able to advise you.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the links to update via InfoServe.

I have already contacted InfoServe a number of times (both via WEB and on the phone) but for some reason, the information never seems to get updated.
Hi HaslamIT,

I looked into this a bit further for you (and to satisfy my own curiosity, lol). It really looks to me like Yahoo Local has monetized their listings completely. I knew they were heading that way... I just didn't realize they were there yet.

Unfortunately this means that you will most likely have to pay a subscription fee to get your info updated on Yahoo Local. When you spoke to Infoserve over the phone, did they mention a fee to update the listing? Have you talked to sales? Also, how long has it been since you spoke to them? I located a reliable blog post that says it can take up to 8 weeks to update...

Hi Cherie,

Thanks for the update.

I did see messages to the effect it can take up to 8 weeks for Yahoo information to be updated but this problem has been going on since the beginning of the year (around 5 months). I don't currently have budget available for paid subscription services so this was not discussed with InfoServe.

I have prety much reached the point of giving up updating Yahoo local listing - this is the only listing I have found that has my wrong address details.
Isn't Yahoo {anything at all} pretty much an irrelevant dinosaur by now? I can't recall the last time I used Yahoo for anything other than my ISP's mail account (they use Yahoo email for some reason - maybe it's cheap?).
People still search it believe it or not but my biggest concern is NAP accuracy.

I didn't see the Yahoo URL pasted. If you paste it I can look at it for you.

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