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Jun 28, 2012
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Looks like Yahoo is getting back in the Local Search game.

And their new local results look a lot like Google Local results.​

You may remember that Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, shortly after joining the company in 2012 indicated Local would not be a priority for the time being. Marissa said:

“I really do love local, but it requires a deep investment, a lot of energy and time to build terrific listings. We already have some products in this area. They’re good at the moment, but it’s hard to take that next step. We don’t expect to make changes in the short term. It’s not an area where we’re going to make significant investments right now.”

Here is yesterday's announcement: A Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

I'm not seeing the changes yet, but here is the image from that post.

<img src="" width="500" height="282" class="alignnone" />​

Even though I love Google Local, I also love it when the competition ups their game, because I always hope it will push Google to make their Local product better and better.

What do you think?
Do you have the new Yahoo Local listings yet?
My only gripe is that they could have made the design a little less an exact copy of Google.
I think it's great! Like you mentioned Linda, competition forces businesses to offer better products and experiences. Now, I don't think Yahoo will be on Google's coattails right away but it's definitely exciting to see what could come of this :D
I don't want to be Negative Nancy, especially not on a Friday, but I'm not impressed.

Other than the pin drop on the outside of the listing (which I do like), that's Google Local in a different color scheme.

"...a faster, more beautiful search experience from Yahoo."

I don't think this will be true if the process to edit or verify a basic listing is taking 8-10 weeks, at least. Speed and appearance of results mean nothing if the information is wrong and the User has to go elsewhere.

I was hoping they made improvements for User experience in the back end of their Local.:(
Hopefully they will ditch Yext and provide better customer service for business owners with the new direction.

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