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Nov 22, 2013
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One of my competitors, Vacaville Chiropractic, has a Yelp listing above the 7 box, like a "Yelp one box". When you click on the Yelp listing above this listing, at the top of the page, my clinic is the first listing on Yelp and his is at #6 and 7 (double listing under his name and clinic name). How did he get the Yelp one box? Or, how can I? I've read most of the Barnacle SEO posts, but haven't found specific info that could explain his listing or help me.

Thanks for your help!
Thanks, I've already read that post, but didn't get too much out of it other than to link to my profile. But this fellow hasn't done that with his profile. I would like to know how he got that listing (probably inadvertently).
Thanks, Blake.


The main reason that guy's Yelp listing ranks so highly is that the name of his practice is so similar to the search term.

Also, in my post the advice to "link to your profiles" is only a small piece of the puzzle. At least for Yelp, far more important is to pick out the right categories and to try to get reviews.

On other properties (e.g. YouTube or Facebook) you should also "activate" the whatever you're trying to boost. Let's say it's a YouTube channel. Well, get some people watching the videos, for starters. That means embedding them on your site, sharing them "socially," etc. That's not as applicable to Yelp, but it's a principle that might only jump out after reading my post a second time.
Thanks for your comments, Phil. What I meant is that, for Yelp at least, I already have the right category and have accumulated the highest number of reviews in my category (I'm not in a big metropolis, so that's not a big number of reviews). I also actively try to get more reviews.

I will try your suggestion of linking to the profile.

My major YouTube video is embedded on my site and I will refer patients to it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Good deal, Michael. Then I think what it's come down to - so far - is the fact that the business name "Vacaville Chiropractic" is so close to "Vacaville Chiropractors" that Google thinks it's a brand-name search.
Try to rank a Youtube video above it, shouldn't be too difficult. Even if you are unable to get the video to rank above it, you will still grab those clicks with your video thumbnail.

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