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Jun 28, 2012
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Typically the thought process is that if your client is not ranking, then your strategy is not working and YOU are not successful.

Many marketers I train and consult for think there is one big thing wrong OR one big thing they need to change and viola! Their client will jump to #1.

What if there wasn?t one big thing wrong? What if a one millimeter change is all it takes?

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is one millimeter.

I'm a big Tony Robbins fan. I've been to some of his events. I've done fire walking and I even went through training at his corporate office to be a Dental Practice Management Consultant. (Eons ago, when he had a Practice Management Consulting Division.)

Over the weekend I was watching a Tony video where he uses a GOLF SWING analogy to explain how just being one millimeter off could change your destiny for the worst. However the good thing is that once you are aware of it you can adjust that one millimeter to set you back on course and reap the benefits!

So if you need a little Monday motivation to start your week off right, stop and watch this.
An 8 minute investment could give you that Aha! moment that helps you reach the next level of success.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

Do you see how a one millimeter shift can make tons of difference?

Have any Aha! moments?
Thanks Linda! Excellent talk by Mr. Robbins. This "one millimeter" state of mind is a great way to look at problems, especially in the world of local.

I didn't know you were a big Anthony Robbins fan. You learn something new every day. I was a HUGE fan myself when I was younger. I had all his books, listened to all of his tapes, and even went to one of his events. I'm still a big fan of his but I've become more jaded about these types of guys in my "older" age:p I'll always like Anthony, though, as I find his voice and presentations captivating and he always gets me to think.

But back to the original idea of the video...that's a very interesting way to look at things. I'm a golfer so I could totally identify with what he's saying. I'll have to keep this idea in mind as challenges come my way with this local SEO stuff!

Travis Van Slooten
Hey Travis, cool, another Tony fan, or previous Tony fan at least. :p

Ya I've gotten jaded too, so I totally get what you mean. Still - a little Tony kick in the butt pep talk never hurts. Especially as frustrating as Google local can be, I figured a little PMA couldn't hurt. :)

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