Linda Buquet

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Jun 28, 2012
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Inspiration is everywhere! :)

Inspire your Google+ Local descriptions with clever copywriting and make your clients stand out from the competition.

Who would think ad copy for for heating and air conditioning companies could be clever, attention-getting, catchy and even sexy? (This headline got YOUR attention, right?)

<img src="" alt="" title="Wife-hot-billboard" width="300" height="200" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-6189" />​

Image credit: <a href="">Care Heating & Cooling</a>

However the billboard above is a rip off of a copyrighted idea created by Frymire Services A heating and AC company in Dallas. Click their link to check out their home page for the ORIGINAL! Now that's the most unique and attention getting Heating/AC home page I've ever seen!

OK so back to Google Places and Google+ Local.

Most Google Places descriptions are B O R I N G keyword filled drivel.

For example, in spite of all Frymire's billboard creativity even their Google+ Local description is a little lacking.

"As one of the largest HVAC, mechanical contractor and service company in Dallas and Fort Worth, we've been doing air conditioning, heating, plumbing and refrigeration, since 1950.”

So think about ways to kick those Google business descriptions into life!

SERIOUSLY if you can find a way to make copy sizzle for a Heating and Air Conditioning client, you can make ANY type of client stand out.


1. PRETEND YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER - If you were personally searching for that service, what would make a business stand out to you?

For a Dentist, think words like: gentle, caring, beautiful. Or a slogan like "we'll make your whole family smile". For a plumber, instead of a long list of services think about emphasizing things like guaranteed on-time service, or family owned serving local area for 20 years.

2. Think about psychological triggers.They say people make decisions emotionally - NOT logically. It's true with buying decisions AND even true when making a decision about which service provider you are going to click through or call during a Google search. :)

Relate to the potential new client's state of mind. I also like to start my descriptions off with a question. So right off top of my head, a good example might be: Criminal Attorney. "Facing the worst time in your life? We'll fight for you!" Followed by more descriptive service text.

3. Competitive Research - Search Google Maps or an industry directory for your client's main keyword, but do your search in a city that would likely have clients with big creative agencies working for them. Search Beverly Hills or New York for example. Note all the catchy phrases, slogans, ad copy that catches your eye. Then don't copy anything, but use for inspiration and come up with something even better!

4. Don't keyword stuff a long series of services. Most SMB descriptions are like that. "We offer blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Well if a consumer is searching for a business that does "blah" they likely know you do "blah, blah, blah, blah" as well! ;) (Plus I think KW stuffing description can cause a ranking penalty.)

Below are some other clever, funny billboard ads from Frymire. NOT TO COPY - just to stimulate your creativity.

"Your Husband is a Drip.
Get your leak fixed. Call a plumber."

"You’re Sizzling in Bed
Better Get the A/C Fixed"

"He Gives you Chills.
Or Maybe the Heater is Broken?"

NOT suggesting you use anything like the above in Places descriptions, although some would make for catchy blog titles. Just thought they were examples of funny and out of the box SMB ad copy. Again just trying to get your creative juices flowing.

NOTE: "Your Wife is Hot, Better Get the A/C Fixed" billboard is an original creation and it is protected intellectual property by service mark by Frymire Services, Inc.

See all the billboards above at <a href="">Your Wife is Hot</a> a blog by Frymire Services - Air conditioning, heating, plumbing and air quality specialists for the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Inspiration for this post came from Dr. Matthew Loop, a Chiropractor that blogs about Local SEO.
<a href="">Your Wife is HOT! [billboard]</a>

What do you think? Stimulate any ideas? Weigh in below.
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Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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I thought of some very wrong variations on that billboard ad involving other family members, but those might not make for the best Google descriptions :)

IMHO, people can learn a lot from just paying attention to good PPC ads. In length they're like haiku, and the good ones are punchy - just as a good G+L description ought to be.

I wish I had a swipe file of good ones that stuck with me (they're very few and far-between).

Thanks for a colorful, fun thread!

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Yep PPC ads are a great place to find inspiration too. Especially for short punchy slogans, etc.
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