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Jul 19, 2012
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Another nice review write-up from Phil.

Most local SEOs don?t help clients on reviews, much or at all. They can?t outsource it, it doesn?t look like a lot of billable hours on paper, it takes tough love, and they?re not even sure what they?re supposed to do.
That?s a shame. Few things can prove your worth as much as helping clients get dialed-in on reviews. Having good rankings without good reviews is good only for one?s competitors.

10 Ways Local SEOs Can Start Helping Their Clients Get Reviews |
Thanks for sharing Colan! Was hoping someone would.
Didn't read yet, but coming from Phil, you KNOW it's good! :)
That's a great post Phil, I especially like the attention made with where to look when making strategic decisions about where to send customers to leave reviews.

Miriam's review audit is amazing too, and every business owner absolutely needs to spend at least some time with negative customer feedback. For every bad review, there's potentially a hundred silent customers that simply won't come back, and may even bad mouth you to friends. It's always worth the time spent with reviews good and bad, the knowledge you can get from them is invaluable.
Hey Phil
Another great review post. Btw. I can't leave a comment on your site. Says I'm spam. Maybe I am. Just a heads up.

Can you try re-posting your comment? Akismet must've kidnapped it. Sorry for the hassle.

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