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Mar 15, 2016
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25 Email Review Request Subject Line Templates

You're ready to pitch.

You've wowed your customers. Your clients have under promised and over delivered. Customers are satisfied and happy. Their positive experience is still fresh in their mind. You're ready to ask for a review.

So what's stopping you?

Your emails, your subject lines in particular. Best case scenario, your customers are eager to respond. Worst case scenario? You're ignored or customers are prompted to write a negative review.

Andrew goes on to provide some unique subject lines for emails that request reviews. Some are actually slightly risky, so I'd be curious to see why you would or wouldn't try them out.

What do you think? Is it effective to use leading subject lines that aren't necessarily click bait, but set up anxiety and then quickly relieve it? Better alternatives? What are some of the most effective subject lines that you find work?

Read the entire article here.

#13 and #15 could be effective, I'd wager.

My clients have gotten good results from "Please review your experience with [name of business or person]." Real straightforward.
Thanks Phil! I agree that being straight forward tends to be the most effective.

I think that business owners / agencies need to really know who their customers are, and how they might react to a specific type of email. But when in doubt, being straight forward will tend to be the most effective way.

Appreciate the insight!

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