Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
I just discovered a 60+-page ebook illustrated with facts, stats, tips and examples--and some gotchas about getting customer reviews. It was done by one of our members, Jon from Grade Us.

Looks like it has rave reviews, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

Mike Blumenthal said: ?An excellent guide, well written and documented. Covers all of the intricacies relating to online reviews in one document.?

It's free if you pay with a Tweet. Or if you don't want to Tweet, just check the page and you can get it directly. BUT if you want to 'get' you should 'give'. ;)

Here it is: Marketer's Guide to Customer Reviews


Jon Hall

Jul 11, 2013
Thanks, Joy! Ha, yeah, well, I've tried to make it as entertaining as a book on customer reviews can be. Thanks be to Tom Fishburne and Mike Ramsey for the comic relief!

I hope it at least makes good in-flight reading. The press has been pretty good so far (e.g. 'The Marketer's Guide To Customer Reviews' (And Why They Matter So Much) - Forbes ) but honestly what matters to me is that folks like the people in this forum find it useful and actionable.

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