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Nov 28, 2018
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Can I ask a quick spam-related GMB question?

I imagine a lot of you will be familiar with the scenario I'm about to relay. I definitely see it happening a lot.

Businesses creating additional GMB properties - at the same address - but using a business name to target important searches (because they know it works).

For example, here's a dentist

A search that's important to them - and my client! - is [invisalign richmond]

And look at this, their other profile, same address (albeit at 12c not 12 Princes Rd)

What's more they've gone to the lengths to create a website for this specific service they provide - which has the appropriate branding on site HOME | Invisalign Richmond Award Winning Clinic Kew

But the Invisalign Richmond profile - this one Invisalign Richmond - Google Search - is a duplicate listing, right?

And as such, for instances like this, I should first "Suggest an edit" (Close or remove > Duplicate of another place) and if that doesn't work complete a redressal form (and again a couple of times after that if they're ignored), and then escalate to a GMB Product Expert etc etc.

Or am I mistaken and this is legit?

Many thanks for hearing me out. If you got this far. That's you.

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