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Jul 13, 2013
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We created the accounts on all main data aggregators without any problems.
But acxiom requires all legal papers - federal tax id, etc.

The problems my clients online brand and his real company name is a bit different(sure it's case with lots of small local businesses).
Example : Maximum Roofing - online brand(it's just sample)
But name according to the papers - John's Professional Services LLC(also sample name)

Any way to by pass it? Sure he won't be opening new company(or doing DBA) just to get accepted to acxiom.

Sure he won't be opening new company(or doing DBA) just to get accepted to acxiom.

Well if it's not the actual business name, then it will be a problem with Google too and that's the main one you need to worry about. Google is all-seeing and all-knowing. She looks at business licenses and all kinds of things. Even signage if any and how the phone is answered.

The business name on Google needs to be the REAL business name. Then all citations need to match.

So if you do the real name on Google, then you won't have the problem with Acxiom. :)
Good news. Most (maybe all?) of the business registries at the secretary of state websites will provide a mechanism to register an "assumed name", otherwise known as a Doing Business As (DBA) name. Here's the page that has the application form for Tennessee: Tennessee Department of State: Business Services

Search this."assumed+name", but replace Tennessee with your state. It's only $20 to register, and then you can submit this to Acxiom. Plus, then you'll be "legit".

Another pro tip comes courtesy of the brilliant Phil Rozek. To speed up the process, just take photos of the documents with your cell phone and send those into Acxiom. Easier than scanning. If you have an iPhone, check this out:

Hope this helps.
Have them file a DBA. It's like $50 and takes about 2 minutes to fill out the form.

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