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Feb 24, 2013
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I've posted before about dealing with individual lawyer listings. Currently there are a few listings that have the same address and phone number (I've pointed the website to the bio page of each lawyer via Map Maker edits). I was wondering if adding the extension number (since all lawyers use the same number) via Map Maker edits is advisable to reduce the effect it has on the main listing or if this is even possible? The individual lawyers are listed in Yellow Pages but with the main reception line.

Hi Chris,

I've never see extension #s so I am not sure. Not saying you can't add them, just never noticed them. Maybe a MM expert will pop in to answer???

But main thing in addition to having link go to bio page is making sure that the atty page only lists atty name, not: "Practice Name - Atty Name". So as long as I just edit the name and URL they don't usually compete and cause problems for the practice listing.
Hey Chris,

I think your thought process is on the money as far as trying to differentiate the practitioner listings.

But I don't see a way to add an ext to Map Maker.
Thank you both.

Linda, I actually did something right and removed the practice name from the bio pages :) YAY ME!

Yellow Pages questions

Do you typically advise clients not to listing practitioners in YP with a separate listing?

Thank you again.
My client has Yellow Pages listings for each lawyer at their firm which of course has created listings in Google+. Just wondering if discontinuing those listings would be advisable as they all use the same address and local number?

Once a listing is in the YP it usually spreads and others pick it up PLUS indiv atty listings are usually added to all the atty directories. So I would not worry about deleting the YP listings. They are likely already out there in other directories where G will find them. Plus the Place pages for those attys are already live so removing from YP at this point would be extra unproductive effort I would think.

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