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Jul 21, 2015
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I hope someone can help me with this issue, I have a Google+ Local Page for my business and I tried to change my address since we moved our office to a new location. My Google+ Local Page was already verified, I edited the address and replaced it with a new one and it was in pending and I got the notification message: (Some updates to this page may take up to 3 days to go live.) The next day I get a call from Google Maps and they want to confirm my new address with me, So I tell him and he say he will confirm the modifications.

A couple hours later I go back to my Google+ Local Page and I get the message: "We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data"

Great, So I click on Review, the address have a Updated text beside it instead of Pending, now the issue is that everytime I click on the OK button to accept the modifications, it goes back to pending all over again and I get the
(Some updates to this page may take up to 3 days to go live.) message back again.

It's been a week now and after I click OK and it goes back to pending and review they call me back again and we do the same process over and over again.

And one other thing, when they changed my address they wrote it in english instead of french and they did a mistake in the zipcode, it's supposed to be all capital letters but they forgot one.

And everytime they call me and they say they will check it out, they remove my Business Hours everytime.

I also have a Google Street View Screen on my Google+ Local Page and it is not updated it's still the view of the old address.

What Should I do with all of this ?

Thank You.
I also wanted to say that I will PM my G+ Page link to anyone that can help me.

Thank You Guys ;)

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