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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello All

I was wondering if anyone had any insight or have encountered this issue before.

Basically when we set up our GMB API we linked it to a gmail and when we wanted to generate reports with the GMB data included, we just added the location as a manager to that email in order to use the functionality of the API. The number of listings was not an issue as we had bulk verified that account.

A year or so later we set up our agency dashboard when the bugs had been ironed out. Using a domain email as is one of the stipulations of setting up an agency dashboard.

Now we would like to generate reports for all our clients using the API. so we need to change the email associated with our API.

We have tried requesting access to the API using the email that runs the agency dashboard and got the below response :-

"Your company already has a whitelisted project to access the Google My Business API. At this time, we are only whitelisting one project per business.
The Google My Business API team"

So my next thought is ask to revoke our access on the original API email and apply it to the one which manages the agency dashboard instead. However in doing this I am worried I will have to recreate all the data studio reports I have already made on the original account.
It should work with the existing project. We have multiple email addresses working with the API, we have to generate an auth token for each new address, but I think that is it.
Thanks @BenFisher we managed to set it up with both emails as you suggested

We are now setting up the reports to pull the data as we require

I just wanted to ask about this from last year

" Currently, you can see queries in one-week, one-month and one-quarter increments. While they’re not currently available in the GMB Mobile App or in the API"

This still seems to be the case in 4.4 will we just have to wait and see what is added into 4.5 of the API or is there a way of pulling Google My Business Search Queries within the API that you are aware of?

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