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So far today employment law and..... garage door
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Are they all coming back? Are these new reviews or old reviews from the backlog?
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Backdated reviews came in for a vacation rental agency and real estate agency last night. Interestingly, the average star rating and the number of reviews listed were not updated. The vacation rental agency only had 4 reviews prior to the COVID cut-off and 8 came in overnight. Still states there are only 4 reviews.
Yep, we're seeing that as well. Lots are publishing but the numbers aren't updating.
Carpet cleaner, chiropractor, HVAC, remodeling, septic, marketing GMB's for our clients all have new reviews able to be posted.
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Good news! Reviews are getting posted and Pending ones are coming back.
Roofing and real estate came back today. I know restaurants are back just not sure how long they have been back. It should mean more service businesses should be back or coming soon.
At some point over the weekend, the number of reviews and overall star ratings updated for both my vacation rentals and real estate businesses. There are still no reviews coming in for a brewery/restaurant I work with which is typically my most frequently reviewed business.
Over the weekend, saw 4 reviews that had been originally posted but not published for a chiropody/foot care clinic. These reviews go back 1 to 2 months.

So to be clear, the reviewers left their reviews between 1 and 2 months ago. They just appeared on the GMB listing, over the weekend.
All my clients have the review function restored except for a medical client. Anyone seeing medical clients that aren't having reviews published quite yet?
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We got our self-storage facility reviews back late last week. Seems like anything left during the down period is coming through, hopefully no reviews went missing or got dropped.
Hi All,

Thank you for accepting me.

I have a few clients in the Medical Practice Category and they are not getting new reviews through via Google.

I saw that Google has said they will be rolling all categories back to normal, has anyone here got the same issue or have your clients been able to get reviews through?

Thank you
I'm seeing new reviews starting to roll in on some healthcare clients today and yesterday. For backdated reviews are you guys seeing the review date on listing to be when Google published them or when the user wrote them?
@Will847SEO - I merged your thread with this one. We also saw some medical clients get new reviews yesterday. Nothing back-dated yet.
Not seeing new reviews or backdated reviews for a medical client in the psychology sphere. But seeing new reviews for a chiropractor. Any news on this, Joy?

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