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May 23, 2013
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Here's one of the locations I manage in Google+ (upgraded to GMB):

Huge drop on 7/2. I've spot checked about 40-50 locations in various locations and niches. Most of my locations have seen this drop.

Searched the forum, Google Product forum and local search blogs but haven't really found anything. Anybody else seeing this in their insights as well?
Hi Matt,

I've seen several reports. Here's one from the G forum that Mike and I weighed in on.

She said "all her clients" but didn't say how many.!category-topic/business/p01nNyy_Dr0

Mike said: "This has been a long standing pattern with local analytics. Google does not seem to give them the same priority as other data points and they frequently go missing in action for short periods. If they are still missing after two weeks stop back and let us know but the only real choice is to wait for them to catch up."

I replied: "Yes I've seen several reports of stats getting stalled July 2nd on Google+ and other places as well. So at least you know it's not just a problem with your client's listings. Mike is right, sometimes they just don't work, but they always come back eventually."

So at least you don't have to feel like the lone ranger.

I just checked to see if anyone escalated to Google yet and found that Colan did on 7/8 but no word back from Google yet. They don't usually comment on stats issues, because they just go missing sometimes, then usually come back within 2 weeks.

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