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Oct 9, 2019
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Curious if or how others have verified their Apple Maps listings when the number on your site doesn't match because you are using a call tracking number. Is there a way to get a listing verified even if the numbers don't match?
@Lizzie.L, nope, I have not done that.

Apple will put on your listing whichever phone number you use to owner-verify your listing. Whether or not it's a tracking number. But I wouldn't say it's a problem to have a mismatch between the number on your site and the number on Apple Maps. Unlike in GMB.
You can always ask support and explain the situation. They may allow it to go through.

Apple Maps also takes data from Yelp. So, if you do get it approved, it may revert at some point and be more trouble than it's worth to keep talking to support to keep the number up. But maybe it will stay. Who knows? I'd be interested to see what you find out.
You could try pointing the support person to the Schema markup for the organization... the phone number in that shouldn't change to the call-tracking number.
Go through an Apple Maps Agency Partner. They don't need to verify listings as have already gone through a thorough data quality process with Apple. (Took us +1 year!)

Apple uses your website as #1 point of QA so they may change your listings autonomously but the agency partner can always escalate this if you catch it and get Apple to revert it without much hassle.

If you have any chain brands you want to manage and want to avoid buying bundles from vendors etc, MomentFeed offers a free (Apple Maps) only solution you can use where we'll give you a login to our platform for you to manage listings in and every night it'll be shipped off to Apple. PM me if you'd like to learn more / set it up.

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