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Nov 8, 2012
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So today I thought someone was playing an April Fools Day joke on me but I was not that lucky.

I logged into one of the many accounts I am working through that I have taken over at a law firm marketing company. Within it I found individual attorney listings and law firm listings for both of the law firms 2 locations. Each location had the attorney listed individually for that location and also the law firm listing.

I was wondering if anyone could refer me to any good articles on proper handling of this type of situation. From reading the guidelines it sounds like I can list the attorneys at both location but only for the days they are at those locations? Then also that I should not list the same category for the attorney as the law firm? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I know I will be editing each attorney listed to be only the Attorney name but thats about the only solid I have a hold of.
Thanks Michael, I had seen one of those before but thought they were in the forum which would explain why I could not track anything down within the forum on it.
Thanks Michael! That's link I would have given.

BUT GRANT don't do ANY editing in dash right this sec.

Hang on til later today. I'll try to circle back to explain then. Something's up and I'm buried.

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