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Jan 27, 2013
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When a highly accredited search engine like Bing will put you on the first page and Google snubs their nose, it makes Google look incompetent and deems them as a unreliable search engine service.

Google loves to blame you for this and tries to bury you lame ideas like "Google's Algorithm has determined this or that and my site just sucks. Im sick of these bogus insults. Not to mention it's total b/s. I can list 10 sites on here that rank on Google's first page of organic result and they have not followed Googles SEO practices. In fact they didn't follow any SEO practices so much that all the other top search engine won't even show those sites, but Google loves them and ranks them better than sites that clearly offer a better product and website experience.

I'm so done with Google, they can keep their uneducated customer support representatives, automated emails and SEO optimization wild goose chases.

All hail the pompous giant Google! Or not.

Read the rest at the Google and your Business Forum...

Feel free to weigh in below.
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Guy got a bad Google'tude that's all I can say. What a hot head!

At one point he even gets mad because the discussion turns to local? :confused:
He posted in the Google local forum and it's a local search term.
What a bad a 'tude.

I posted:

While I totally understand the frustration, one site failing to rank does not mean Google search is 'incompetent'. There are over 300 factors that go into the local algo and it's likely that something is missing or possibly you have unknowingly violated a guideline and have a ranking penalty.

If you just need to let off steam that's fine. May make you feel better, but won't really help your situation.

However, if you would like help to try to figure out a solution, you can post a link to your site, your G+ Local page and give us your primary keywords and the pros here can offer suggestions that could help. Often the solution is very simple and just something folks don't know to look for.

Part of his reply:

Thanks for being just like Google: blaming me, praising the bogus algo, and encouraging me to spend more countless hours on wild goose chases.

By your response, do you work for Google? Please don't devalue people's comments with this idea that "something was missed". That is the never ending cycle that Google loves for us to be in. That way, Google is not to blame, we are.

Extended Conclusion: Google = bogus scam with to many people waving cheer-leading pompoms for them while they offer a product filled with so much bogus mystery that it preys on making the customer believe they are incompetent.

Click to read the rest. It's frustrating but a little entertaining at the same time.
Bing Loves Me & Google Hates Me - Organic Search Results - Google Groups

Your local pompom waving Google cheerleader... :p
IF the guy is to be believed, its rather interesting to see Bing and Google taking such dramatically different approaches to his site and the search terms he's going after. It would be interesting to see where the algorithms are actually disagreeing.
That makes me want to do a backlink analysis on the circuit board repair site that he mentions. I'm guessing that they are well connected in their local market, or that a large number of people rely on them.

Google trends shows there isn't particularly a lot of search volume for the keyword that he cited unless you are in Cali.

Google Trends
Wow, talk about bitterness. That was quite an entertaining read. Just made me laugh to picture this guy sitting at his keyboard and typing so hard that his keys started popping off. Someone needs to buy him a drink and give him a hug.
Google doesn't owe this guy anything. If he's so smart and Google is so evil, why is he even wasting time pounding away on his tear-soaked keyboard?

But that was a very generous reply on your part, Linda.
We get about one a month like that over there. Not looking for solutions - just ranting and letting off steam. The guy is beyond bitter.

Would love to see his site. Bet it's filled with problems. But easier to point the finger at Google than take responsibility (or advice) to try to improve it.

Love this: "Dude, wtf? 1st you derail my post by making this a local thing."
That's derailing? He's posting in the local forum about a local result.
Dude needs a chill pill! :eek:

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