Nov 8, 2018
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Hello all,

I have a client with a bulk account containing over 500 listings. Up until recently, we were able to create new listings without any sort of verification. Alas, now we're required to send a verification postcard to a newly created listing.
Is this verification method going to be permanent, or will it return to be verification-free once I verify a new listing via a postcard?

Thanks in advance,


Sep 20, 2018
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Hi @johanhorak, @timcapper just published a post that should be of great help to you: Google My Business for Vacation Rentals (Holiday Homes) - Clearing Up The Confusion - Online Ownership I would recommend following Tim on Twitter, he is extremely knowledgeable on the hospitality industry and also a GMB Product Expert.

As Tim explains, the subject is quite confusing and at moments contradictory but I feel that there is enough "evidence" in this thread for you to reach a reasonable conclusion.

P.S. The post you shared is full of inaccuracies as well as recommendations that violate GMB's policies such as ".. some businesses such as vacation homes or vacant apartments are considered ineligible. On the other hand, Google often approves properties that are short term rentals under the category of “Vacation Rental Home Agency.” It also recommends that you create the listing using one category to then change it once it has been verified... You might obtain some benefit in the short term, but building a business model around it, in my opinion, seems to be too risky... until Google My Business changes its policies.


May 31, 2021
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Txs @Lluc . Just had a call from GMB. They verified my main vacation agency business. And sent me an email asking me to send them all my vacation homes when added to GMB. They will not require me to use the postcard verification.

BTW: I cannot say the following with certainty but at a time I had two disable gmb homes. The one was "serviced accommodation" and the other something else. The "serviced accommodation" was re-instated but not the other. I made one change to the other not-approved to "serviced accommodation". I resent the email and it was approved. If any other vacation rental agency read this I suggest you try the above.

I am not convinced Tim is correct. I just had a look at one of our approved listings and it shows on Google search and Google Maps. He says it only shows on Google Travel. Not correct. I don't want to share the proof here. But send me a WhatsApp and I'll share.
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