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Sep 10, 2020
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Hello guys,

So this is my issue here.

I do quite a lot of Local SEO client work remotely.

Most of them have a social media person.

So I tend to republish Instagram post in Google business profile posts to gain real estate on all Google branded search results.

This is basically a copy and paste.

I use phantombuster to extract all Instagram posts in a spreadsheet. And then have to copy and paste into Google business profile.

I was wondering if anyone he know how to bulk publish posts on Google business profile from a spreadsheet.
Do you have a WordPress website? I've developed a plugin that can create GPB posts from the WordPress dashboard. If you enable the option to automatically publish a GPB post when a new item is created in the WordPress site, and import the spreadsheet into the WP site, it will publish a new GPB post for every item in the spreadsheet.

You could even automate the whole process and cut out the spreadsheet by using a service like Zapier to automatically create a new WP Post when something new is posted to the Instagram account:

I know that plug in already.

Congratulations. It is great.

And thank you for the recommendation with Zapier.

Now this brings another issue.

Creating a Wp post from every single Instagram post, I would end up with a lot of thin content on my website.

And Google doesn't like thin content.
Thanks for the kind words @Kepass!

The posts don't necessarily have to be front-facing and indexed by Google, it could also be a private WP post type. Or you could set up a dummy WP site with the plugin installed just for managing GPB posts for your clients.

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