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Oct 22, 2019
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Background: So I already verified the listing for this SAB landscaping business but it was verified in Buda,tx. The target area is Austin, texas and it appears this listing is performing well on the map pack for terms using the geo modifer Buda Texas. This leads me to believe google is deeming this location to be primarily located in buda.

Solution?: I want to see if there is a way to verify the listing again even though its a SAB to this property. I would verify it again to a location in Austin and keep the address hidden.

Anyone have insight on this?


(below is the gmb listing (atx prestige landscaping - Google Search)
Hi Stefan, thanks for your insight this was much appreciated! This is very interesting I was actually looking for an article that explained it as clear as this!

Best Regards,
Background: Im working on a landscaping company that wants to target the Austin area (ATX Prestige landscaping). Initially, it was verified in the Buda,tx area and was ranking well on the map pack for relevant terms. However, since this company wishes to target the Austin,Texas area it was verified to an Austin property they own. I just verified it with the GMB code and hid the address since its a SAB. But im still seeing it appear for terms in buda.. should I wait? Im guessing its taking Google a while to adjust to this. Does anyone have some feedback on this?
Hi @Stefan Somborac I have a question. So in order to change the address of verification, I added a new address in which I had to wait for a new GMB code for verification. I just received it but it actually arrived in the buda tx property instead of the Austin one. I proceeded to add the code to gmb and it worked but im wondering if there is an issue with the fact it arrived in buda instead of the actual Austin address I had placed when fill in info for the GMB code. Any insight on this?

thanks again
@Santi1077 - Interesting! You entered the Austin address but then cleared it so your listing is now a service area business based in Austin?

How does the business rank for one of your primary keywords at the Buda property vs. the Austin property? (If your not familiar, you can spoof your location with "gs location changer" extension for Chrome. A tool like LocalFalcon would work too.)

I ask because I wonder if Google sees the the listing as being based in Austin or if it still considers it based in Buda. (That is, is something broken?)
@Stefan Somborac - Thanks for the quick response! I just verified it today so im thinking its still taking Google sometime to adjust on the SERP. And yes I just hid the address. Its still ranking well for terms with the geo modifier Buda. However, im seeing its now showing Austin on the following snapshot when it was showing buda before. Im thinking it might work but at this point I think I will just have to wait and see. Do you have any thougths on this?

@Santi1077 - Try the searches without the geo modifier at both locations, either by spoofing your location with the "gs location changer" extension, using a tool like LocalFalcon or actually performing the searches at each location.

If you rank better for searches performed at the Austin property, then you know Google sees your business as being based in Austin.

I don't know why the postcard showed up in Buda. Maybe that's by design. Maybe it's an oversight/glitch.
I would give it a few days. If it doesn't change, report back and let me know :)
@Santi1077 I just merged your 2 threads and reading the details you posted above, if the postcard arrived in Buda, that's the issue. It looks like something didn't work when you tried to add the new address in and verify it in Austin. You can confirm which address the listing is currently verified with by following the instructions on post 6 here: Verified Address of SAB - Local Search Forum

To update the address on an SAB listing, you usually just add in the new address into the GMB dashboard (if it's currently blank). This should trigger a verification. Can you confirm that's what you did?
@JoyHawkins Thanks for your insight! So I just followed the steps to see where is this business is verified and its showing Austin, Texas so I'm guessing it went through even though it arrived at the buda address. (I added a screenshot of what I got once I followed the steps on the post you suggested).

And yes, I followed those exact steps. I just found it really weird it arrived in the Buda location instead of the Austin but according to the GMB its verified in austin, Tx.

Thanks so much for your insight, a huge fan btw! I'm curious, have you came across something like this before?
I have not seen this happen before but I've seen the opposite issue for people trying to verify listings that currently show an old address (and they're trying to update the address). I'll bring this one up to Google to make sure they're aware of the issue.
I'm talking to Google about it and they're trying to get more details. Was the address in Buda a home address? The mail isn't forwarded or anything, right?
@JoyHawkins yes, the address used to verify originally in Buda,Tx was a home address. The address that was used to verify in Austin, tx was also a home address. Let me know if you need any further details, I would be happy to assist in any way!
I know this thread is old but Google was able to confirm that the postcard was addressed to the address entered on June 30.

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