Jul 3, 2017
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Our company has 3 physical locations in one state, and another location in an adjacent state. All locations are in our GMB account, all verified, and all show on Maps for certain queries. HOWEVER, whoever set these up made them "storefront" locations rather than SABs, which is what they should be. My questions are:

1) If we change all of these listings to SABs in GMB and hide our addresses, will this affect our rankings in Maps at all?

2) Would doing this potentially allow us to rank (in Maps) in areas we normally wouldn't, assuming we add service areas that are a bit outside the cities we're located in?

3) I read something about SABs not being allowed to have more than one listing, unless it's in a different state. Is this true? Does that mean we're allowed just ONE SAB listing for all 3 physical locations in State 1, and those locations would need be changed to designated service areas? And then we're allowed another listing for State 2, for a total of two listings instead of our current four?

4) Is there any chance that Google would retroactively punish us for listing ourselves as storefronts when we should have been SABs?

5) Any other pros, cons or things to be aware of in regards to changing our listings to SABs?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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