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Sep 29, 2015
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I need to add some listings to the top tier directories where I can hide the street address. I always submit to Google, Bing and Yelp and then a handful of the the ones that have that option with the highest domain authority. I know most if not all of them you can submit to individually. It's been several months since I had to add any listings and wanted to check in to see what the consensus is on which citation services are considered the best bang for the buck. I don't need ongoing citation management, just one-time submissions to specific directories. I prefer to do it from one service so I can easily manage things in one interface. I've used TribeLocal for this in the past. Wondering if anyone thinks anyone else is better/cheaper/faster?
I have used Bright Local's Citation Burst service on numerous occasions and have always been pleased with the pricing, accuracy, responsiveness of support staff and the transparency for submissions.

It's the easiest and most cost-effective way that I've found to do citations for clients.
My agency has used both WhiteSpark and BrightLocal for this and we have been very satisfied with both of them.
Hi @consultant,
If possible, please try with our service following are some of our USPs.
  1. Citation Audit - We run this audit to find active citations & inconsistent NAP listings for your business & you will receive reports via email.
  2. Build Citation List- - We prepare a site list it includes top sites, competitors citations, niche site, geo sites.
  3. Share Possible Citation List- We share a file which includes possible citation sites where business can be listed, business information which you submitted, you have to verify same.
  4. Share Report- We share white label report in CSV, Excel, PDf format, it includes username, password, listing url, data points (for e.g NAp,logo,URl) submitted on each listing.
  5. We charge $0.65 per listing only/ One time fees.
  6. Regular Time frame 3,7 days, Urgent order can be delivered in 48 hr.

Your best option for the cheapest is to put a job posting on upwork...expect to work with India peeps though.

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