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Nov 16, 2014
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Hello, I've been using this forum for quite some time, and this is my first post :)

So, 1 day ago, I have moved our chiropractor client from old location to the new location (Redondo Beach > Manhattan Beach). New marker seems fine in the correct position in GMB dashboard, but when I go to the Google Maps and write the doctor name in the search field (not pressing enter), it will show search result preview of the doctor name along with the old street and city. When I click that search result, map zoomed to the correct new address but the marker still show in old location.

Also, ranking in local pack seems doesn't move as it still thinking that the location still in old address. Is this something that can go away in time?

Thanks in advance.
Joy wrote a great checklist for this, did you see it already? If you've missed any of these items (especially the larger ecosystem cleanup) then you'll want to jump on that ASAP.

As far as maps showing the wrong address before you click on it... what about driving directions? I know there's two different databases there and they're not always synched. Not sure where the preview comes from, but maybe that's what's going on? (Check 9.2 in the article above, it talks about that). Some level of ranking drops are to be expected, moving and changing NAP is a huge deal... but if you cover all your bases well it shouldn't last too long.
Thanks James. The new location is clean, since new suite number has been added.

Driving direction seems OK. The only concern is that the suggestion in search bar when we type a business name and click it in Maps - It still show the old street and marker. It's been 2 days now since the location change, perhaps I should wait a little longer?

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