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Aug 23, 2016
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Hey guys, Vitor from Brazil here, after the latest changes, someone has managed to create a new profile of the GMB and put the description?
I tried to follow the tutorial below but there is no "Story" option! So I can't put a description....

Google officially said ( that soon the "editing attributes" will be available for all GMB profiles. Some say that removing this option was to avoid keyword stuffing of the spam profiles...

And, I'm creating a new client profile but can't put a Custom URL for maps, like , this options is no more available? I always use "about" option in G+ business profile....

Hey Chadkimball, this article it is in my post, not working here...i dont see any "Story" option...:confused:
If you don't see a story section in your about me page, you'll have to add it by clicking the "Add Info" button:
add info.jpg

Then it should give you the option to add the "Story" section
add story.jpg

add info.jpg

add story.jpg
Hey Billy! It works! Thanks! :D

(Now I'm still looking for a simple custom URL like I used many times before....)
so that actually changes the "description" field in the google maps listing?

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