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Oct 18, 2013
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Hi this is Luis from Spain. Very happy to be here with you

I Have been sniffing around and I did not find anything about what I am going to post.
I made a rearch from Desktop with "Restaurantes Valdemoro" (Valdemoro is the city i live, southern Madrid ,18 milles) and it came up with the famous 7 pack, ( i attach results) if i made this search from my mobile device, the results are the same, no matter where i am located ( i tested it from 4 different locations in my city). But if I put only in google "restaurantes" from mobile it comes up with very different results depending on the place I make the test. What i find interesting or surprising is " if I drive to desktop number B result and make a search from mobile ( I was expecting it to come up in first position) it comes F position!! How is it posible?? it ranks B position for " restaurantes Valdemoro" everywhere I make the test and if I go to that restaurant, and make the search "restaurantes" just in front B restaurant it comes up so down. (I attach). What is the algo doing with this???

thank you and sorry if i make mistakes...


restaurantes valdemoro desde PC.jpg

That is interesting. What browser do you use when doing the search?

I wonder if you used the Google search app if the B restaurant would show up #1 when doing the same test.

This is a very interesting case study. A few notes/thoughts:

- "Restaurantes Valdemoro" and "Restaurantes" are two different search queries, so it is hard to compare the results of them, because they logically should be different

- If you are being/not being logged in any of the times, this would affect the results. Additionally, if you hadn't cleared your search history, cache, etc, that could also have affected the results

- According to the screenshot, the app believes you are 200+m away from the restaurant, so it might not be very accurate for any of the other two results, too

- There might be some threshold that Google takes into account. For instance, if you are too near to particular location, it will not show so high in the search results simply because it is considered to be within your eyesight range or within your immediate surrounding, and if it is so, and you are still looking for something similar to it - it is possible that you might have already considered this place and you might want to look elsewhere.

Just my thoughts :)
hi, first of all very happy to hear an answer to this issue, to both Nyagoslav and Travis Van Slooten. Well the search was made with voice google chrome, don't think it is connected in anyway.

A) well i think of course they are different queries but if I searched restaurantes, being in Valdemoro, I 'd expect to get from google the more relevant results for restaurantes and apparently i am not getting the more relevant results, i am getting even restaurants that are not included in the cluster for "restaurantes Valdemoro". I mean if I search restaurantes it is crystal clear i want to eat in Valdemoro.

B) i am logged in all time, and I made the different research in two minutes gap, first "restaurantes Valdemoro" and after two minutes "restaurantes" and in the same place.

C) well it is certainly not very accurate but it is within 100 m more or less, dont think it is crucial either.

D) dont know about google's thoughts but it is a case to consider, because you could thought that doing the search "restaurantes" you are going to get the closer ones, and the more relevant what is not true in these case either.

I attach the first screenshot for "restaurantes" query and take a look neither of the first page serps are in "restaurantes Valdemoro".

I would like if you could test it in your cities and post here the results, because so different results are not very consistent with is against google's guidelines.
If you searched "restaurantes Valdemoro" any device, any place you would get ( today november 2013) A Restaurante la parrilla and G Restaurante puerta del moro

thank you and happy day to everyone!!


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