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Sep 30, 2021
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There used to be an option to disable CSS in Google Chrome, but if memory serves correctly that was removed years ago. It's a shame as it was a handy feature for a number of reasons. However, as a workaround, on the few rare occasions when I need to see exactly what's happening (structurally) with a page without all of the clutter, I tend to use the following and paste it into the console tab:


However, instead of having to check my notes to remind myself of the code, I wondered if there's a way to save the code directly within Google Chrome Dev Tools as a reusable code snippet? Does anyone know if that's possible?

I use this chrome extension to disable CSS, and many other cool functions

Thanks Elizabeth. Always handy to learn of new extensions so thanks for sharing :).
However, I already have a few I like to use, so in this instance I'm more curious if there's a way to save the code rather than switch/add extensions. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
Ahh not sure about that, not sure it's possible but maybe someone else knows

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