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Nov 14, 2012
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I have a dental client that somehow created a new listing without my knowledge. It was somehow verified as well. Client claims they didn't do it and know nothing about it. By doing this, it rendered the original listing as the dupe and not the new one. New one showing live. I could certainly remove the old one and request a merge, but the original listing (and account) is tied in with the YouTube channel. I'm worried if I remove the original (now considered a dupe), that it will remove the YT channel. Each listing has its own CID, but I would prefer to have the original listing restored since it has been out there for quite some time. Both of these listing are currently in the same account.

Suggestions? If more info is needed, I can certainly do that.
Hey Scott, I would contact GMB support to see if they can untangle/reverse the mess - Sign in - Google Accounts

If that doesn't get you anywhere, I would post at the GMB Forum and send me the link to the post and I will try to get some help.

@Scott Rawlins
One of my team members recently faced a similar situation with one of our clients. Google brought the reviews over from the listing that was probably the authoritative one (UGC is associated with the CID, I believe). But the photos, posts, etc. from the one we wanted were not brought over (I believe @keyserholiday mentioned in a BL Local Search Clinic in May that those are associated with the account/dashboard ID). I just mention that in case there is some of that content on the main listing that was originally optimized in your case. In our GMB Support thread, my colleague requested getting this content back, but Support basically said, "no."
Make sure you document everything, especially the dashboard URL. You do want to recover the original one, that will have all the reviews, photos, videos and posts as well as the ranking ability.

Do not allow support to just move over the reviews (which is most likely what they will suggest)

As Colon is stating, contacting support is the easiest way to unravel the mess.

You may want to remove the new listing from the dashboard before contacting support as well.

Again, document the dashboard URL first, and CID before reaching out to support.

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